Flying Flight Simulator

Sky-High Adventure with the Macintosh, Amiga, & Atari ST
by Charles Gulick


Table of Contents

Title Page
1. Flying for Real
2. Call a Taxi
3. Take It Off and Fly It
4. On the Money
5. Something to Bite Into
6. Hot Shot
7. Contact
8. Regards to Broadway
9. Position Is Everything
10. Asking Directions
11. Seattle Nocturne
12. Abridgement
13. High Rolling
14. MDW to LGA, PDQ
15. The War Is Over
16. A Model Airplane
17. Turnabout
18. New Horizons
19. Advanced R/C: The 182-S
20. Smashing Party
21. Stunt-flying the 182-S
22. All Together Now
23. Solo
A. Typical Cruise Altitude (MSL) Power Settings and Airspeeds
B. Flight Checklist
C. Flight Controls
D. Macintosh Flight Settings
E. Area Charts
Back Matter

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